Back to the Basics

Spring has finally arrived! Yes, I know that the first official day of spring was almost two weeks ago; but Honey, if it doesn’t feel like spring then it ain’t spring.  I can’t help but feel excited at the first warm day of the year.  It’s a day that I look forward to all winter long.   I’ve  even been known to ditch my winter clothes way too early in the year, only to have to grumpily dig them back out of my closet a week later, all out of sheer excitement for warm weather.  I am pretty certain you would have to be an epic curmudgeon to not even feel a hint of excitement over the first enjoyably warm day after this disgusting excuse of a winter long winter season.

I think that the thing that I love most about this time of the year, however, is my renewed sense of motivation.   I know that I am not the only one who suddenly has the desire to just do more once springtime hits.  No, spring cleaning, spring diets, and spring vacations are all definite signs that most of us experience the impetus to become more active during this wonderful season.

This year does feel different, though.  I don’t just want to do more… I have the overwhelming urge to overhaul my life.  A good part of it has to do with the fact that I have been dieting for 6 months. That is 6 months of constantly thinking about food, dieting, health, and my weight.  Even writing that makes me want to change! Since October I have managed to lose 20 lbs.  Which sounds great, and is great.  However,  I have also managed to start and stop more dieting schemes than I can count, put on and lose weight,  and essentially resume a way of thinking that most likely led to my initial weight gain of over 40 lbs 2 years ago.  I have lost touch with my sense of balance and if I don’t learn to regain my composure I know that I will continue to fall down the rabbit-hole into my old and unhealthy lifestyle.

As I write this, I have been at a standstill with my weight loss for almost 3 months.   I haven’t completely resumed old habits, however.  I have relearned portion sizes, kicked my processed food habit, and have become slightly more active.  I feel like I am balancing on a fine point in my life; I could either easily, and comfortably, slide back into old habits… or I could challenge myself to work hard to find the solid ground that  will give me the foundation for overall wellness in my life (weight loss included).

To live a happy and healthy life I plan to overhaul my lifestyle in a sustainable, realistic way.  I want to embody balance.  I don’t believe in an all or nothing attitude when it comes to wellness, diet, and health.   So, with that in mind I have decided on some rather lofty goal for my life (and this blog) and they include:

1) Find Balance:  Sometimes it is good for you to eat that slice of pizza, damn-it!  But, still other times it is better to choose the salad instead.   It is fine to have a lazy Sunday as long as you don’t decide that every Sunday is lazy Sunday.  If you don’t find balance in your life, it is impossible to sustain and maintain your health.

2) Sustainable Changes: I truly believe that incorporating sustainable lifestyle changes into your diet (life?) is what leads to success in health and fitness.  I want to find natural and fulfilling ways to better my health.  For example,  I don’t think that I could ever completely give up sugar (I even considered naming this blog “Donuts and Dumbbells”… for about 1 second) and giving up the things you love can lead to a total lifestyle relapse later on.   Instead, I think it is better to limit things like sugar, wheat, meat, and processed foods.

3) Share My Progress: My goal is to share all the lessons I learn along my path to balance and wellness, while discarding the unscientific rubbish that is advertised and promoted by some of the leading experts (?) in the healthcare field (I’m looking at you Dr. Oz).   I know that sharing my goals, triumphs, and failures will help to stay motivated to keep doing more!

TL;DR: Time to start living a more balanced life.

Thanks for reading!  I plan to update this blog with my specific health, life, and fitness goals in my next post… stay tuned!



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