Honesty: The Key to Moving Forward.

First off, I really wanted to title this post “Festive Feasting and Woeful Wednesday Weigh-in’s”, because I am a gluten for alteration (among many other things).

This post is long overdue.  I had originally set out to write this blog as a way of keeping myself accountable to a healthier, more balanced, honest life.  And it was going great… for about a week.  I often give people the advice that they need to be open and honest with themselves and others if they want to move forward with a goal.  It occurred to me that I need to be more open and honest in my life as well.

I would love to say that life got in my way of writing this blog and maintaining my health goals. And if I were lying I would add  that I have been far too busy with my last semester of nursing school to spending time maintaining a blog.  But, I would be doing a disservice to myself and if I was dishonest.  Life didn’t get in my way, I got in my way.  I quickly slipped back into old habits of overindulgent eating and watching way too much “Parks and Rec”.

Now, I wouldn’t say that the past 7 months have been a total bust.  I have changed my diet and lifestyle in ways that are incredibly meaningful to me.  Back in July, after researching the practices of factory farms and the environmental impact of raising animals for human consumption I decided to adopt a primarily vegan lifestyle.  This decision is one that I have yet to own and be vocal about so writing about it is my first step 🙂  Although it is easier to describe my lifestyle as vegan, I have to admit that “vegan” is not my favorite term and I don’t readily describe myself that way.  I hold no judgement for anyone who embraces that term and holds it as a badge of honor (as they should!).  But, for myself I feel that the term is too limiting.  I have no desire to eat any animal products, but I feel that labeling myself as such would influence me to behave in ways that are in-congruent with my true beliefs.  (For example, I don’t cook with honey but I don’t avoid it either.) I personally prefer the term “plant based diet” to the term “vegan”.

After my first month of eating my new diet I had lost about ten pounds, which when added to the 20 pounds I had lost prior to July, totaled in a 30 pound weight loss from October 2013 to July 2014!  My weight plateaued by the beginning of August and has stayed steady ever since.

This brings us to this morning.  I had decided before Thanksgiving that I would not weigh myself until this Thursday (December 04) as a way of allowing myself to enjoy in the overindulgence of the holiday.  I had been pretty good about staying away from the scale since I have felt bloated since Thanksgiving.  Every time I stepped foot in the bathroom my little  silver scale seemed to be calling to me.  At first I remained strong; I would think, “I don’t need that scale to define me!” Then it became, “Maybe a quick peak wouldn’t hurt”; but I remained tough.  Then came this morning; one day left and I had to see the damage I had done.  Two pounds.  It wasn’t the end of the world, but for someone who is trying to lose weight it didn’t feel great.

So, here I am.  Time to recommit myself to living a healthier life.  The timing feels serendipitous as I am about to start a whole new chapter in my life as I am graduating nursing school tomorrow. Time to be honest with myself and the world.  I am here to write down my goals for everyone to see.  I have avoided sharing my weight with anyone but my doctor for years.  But, the theme of the day is honesty and I have to abide.

1) Pictures of Progress:

This first picture is the only picture of me at my highest weight back in July 2013.  I’m pretty sure that I had been avoiding the camera like a plague.

Me at my highest weight in August 2013

Me at my highest weight in August 2013

This is me at my current weight, sorry about the difference in perspectives.  This was the best I could do while taking a picture of myself.

Me current weight December 2014

Me current weight December 2014

2) My STATS:

Starting Weight 230

Current Weight: 205

Goal Weight 150

Current pant size: 14

Goal pant size: 8

Current # weekly workouts: 1

Goal # weekly workouts: 7

Weekly Goal:

1) Be honest with myself and others.

2) Graduate Nursing School